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Build memories, learn new skills and code your very own mini-game console.

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Customer Reviews

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Favourite Game: Dark & Under
Great for classes or group builds!

Built these with a group of 20 or so people at Grand Valley MWC3 and had a great time. Had a great time building, but it was definitely helpful to have other people to ask questions to.
We had written and picture instructions, but they could have been a little more clear.

By the end we had a few groups that needed replacement parts from a few kits, but that was mostly from using bad solder on the components and some people not having much soldering experience. Otherwise everyone was able to finish in about 2 hours with a functioning arcade cabinet!

Favourite Game: Defender
Wowie wow!

I built mine and it is so fun!! It was very straightforward and fun to build it. All the tools came with it, too! I only broke one of the pieces, but I was able to fix it. The email response from the company was prompt and helpful.

I would recommend it for anyone who would like to have some success building an actual working thing using solder and electronics.

I’d like to learn more about how to program it - I’m amazed and impressed with the unit.

Favourite Game: Game&Watch
Fun and educational

I met Jack and his fantastic kit at the Maker Faire in Rome. Thanks for your wonderful idea. It's all very ingenious, from how the kit is made to how to put it together. Really very entertaining and also educational.

Favourite Game: Space Invaders
Learned to problem solve while doing this project.

I had hours of fun putting this little arcade game together and learned that sometimes perseverance is key to success. I had the whole project built and turned it on and...nothing. I had tested it before and the screen worked as planned, but not now when I was so excited to try it out.
So I emailed for tech support.
A couple of days later Jack greeted me in an email and wanted me to send a photo of the motherboard. So I took everything apart, took the photo, and then enlarged it. I immediately saw what I did wrong! Not enough solder on the pins by a longshot. I took the time to add some more and now it works!
I'm super happy with this project and highly recommend it.

Favourite Game: Borderlands
Amazing service.

My son had trouble with the screen working, so he sent an email. He got a response within 24 hours (and on a Sunday!), with a follow-up Zoom call. The gentleman was on the Zoom call for over an hour with my son walking him through each step. He was extremely patient and very kind.

I will be telling all of my mom friends about this kit; it's worth every penny.

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