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How to install the bootloader

Parts required

1. Wire USB ASP to Motherboard

Important that you plug in the USBASP converter that takes you from 10 to 6 pins. Place the header pins into the microcade, do not solder them.

2. Plug USB ASP into computer with Arduino

3. Install & open Arduino

3. Open Arduino & Install the board

Click Tools > Board > Boards Manager…

4. Install board

Type “Arduboy Homemade Package” and select the one by Mr.Blinky. Install it.

5. Select port

Select the right COM port, this is how the USB is connected. The best way to check this is to plug the USBASP in, look at what port number appears, then disconnect and see what number disappears. This will be the port.

6. Select programmer

Select USBASP as programmer

7. Burn bootloader

Make sure the motherboard is connected and press “Burn bootloader”. Wait a moment and it should be flashed. 

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